Raw Honey - Orange Cayenne -

We offer a sweet and hot honey that is infused with organic oranges and organic cayenne pepper. A unique experience as you will soon find out! Its a platform of sensations with the first note being a sweet orange....then....wait for it.... a hot pop of cayenne pepper! 

It is created over several weeks to naturally extract the essential oils from the herbs and fruit to then create a robust and flavorful artisan raw honey.

This honey takes some time to make due to the cold process which allows us to preserve all the health benefits from the honey without exposing it to heat. We do not add any artificial ingredients or flavors.

This is an excellent honey for sore throat pain but it really is a taste bud sensation in beverages and with food! 

8 oz volume jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Silvia G
The best of the best

This infusion of orange and Cayenne is one of the best that I have ever tried. When you first taste it, the orange flavor is present, but at the end, the cayenne kicks in, but not too strongly, just enough to finish the taste buds with a nice kick.

Orange Cayenne Honey

A nice blend of honey taste of orange with a added spice of hot. I like the combo. Just the right hotness for me.

Cassie Ware
Gotta KICK!

Great honey as usual, with an added Kick!

Peggy Gangemi
Honey with a kick

Bought this as a gift for my son who loves all things spicy. He’s working up a list of food items he can use this on...wings are at the top of his list. With all the health properties I can imagine setting aside some for external use also.