Raw Honey - Valentines Red Honey

Botanically infused raw honey made with hibiscus, elderberry and beet root. This is a secret family recipe that we have  been offering for several years during the month of February for Valentines Day.

This is our own raw honey that is a beautiful natural  red color and carefully infused with just the right amount of herbs to give us an all natural bright red color. The herbs are infused and the end product offers an exciting fruity flavor.

We are the ONLY apiary that offers such a fun honey for the holidays.

This is a good honey for the kids and picky eaters actually like it. Its hard to believe that there are some people out there that don't actually like honey but they are more than willing to try this one and be able to enjoy the benefits of raw honey.

Our infused honeys are not only unusual but they are packed with flavor, all natural and have increased benefits from both the honey and the herbs.

This honey takes some time to make due to the cold process which allows us to preserve all the health benefits from the honey without exposing it to heat. We do not add any artificial ingredients or flavors.

ONLY AVAILABLE ONCE A YEAR FOR VALENTINES DAY. 2024 batch is made with Saw Palmetto raw honey as its base. This will give it a more bolder flavor that is blended with the herbals.


2 oz (55ml) $5.00  and  4 oz volume jar $8.00

Customer Reviews

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Karen Bawiec
Amazing Gift Baskets

So thankful for these gems! Healthy options for my loved ones is much appreciated ❤️ Oakwood Natural is the best!


This honey is so good that sharing is hard. I actually put it out of sight in the cabinet. I share when husband starts with any cold like symptoms.

Love the infused Honeys

I love the flavors and the health benefits of this honey, the best part is… I know where & how it was made!! Yummy!!

Valentine Red raw honey

If you haven't tried this amazing honey, you are missing out. This rich taste was absolutely the best!

Super yum

This is a great addition to my honey obsession! Subtle infusion but so good!