Shea Butter / Raw, Organic, Unrefined

Organic "unrefined" Shea butter available in its raw form. 

Pronounced "shay". 😉

This raw unrefined organic butter is 100% pure in a solid chunky form and has not been whipped, diluted, heated or have any additives.

Uses - skin healing, moisturizing, anti itch, hives, redness, bruising, scars, blemishes, scrapes, minor cuts, callouses, blisters,  psoriasis, dry chapped lips, lip sores, bed sores, flea bites, hot spots, diaper rash, leather conditioner, unfinished wood furniture,  eczema and skin protection.

Shea butter can be used as needed on adults, babies, children, elderly, cats, dogs and horses.

Although we do not actually grow or make Shea butter in Florida, we searched high and low for over a year to find a sustainable source, flown in direct from Africa and straight to our door step. In fact, the delivery service phones us ahead to meet them at our gate to immediately transfer it indoors and to not be left unattended outside. It is the highest quality shea butter that we have ever come across and it has never been remelted or adulterated.

Shea butter is incredibly healing and contains vitamin A and vitamin C plus essential fatty acid's. It has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

There is no expiration date on organic Shea butter. Keep in mind that  it will melt with warmer temperatures and It will solidify or become harder with cooler temperatures.

Please store your all natural products with care without exposing to extreme heat or cold. Use clean fingers or utensils and keep the lids on tight.

Although shea is considered a nut, it is actually the seed of the shea tree. It has no relation to almonds, cashews, peanuts or walnuts and does not contain the allergen protein. Allergic reactions have been published to be extremely rare for children allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. 

4oz weight jar hand packed.

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Customer Reviews

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Abigail Adamson
Many uses

I loke ots fragrance free. Great to use before bed or any place that is extra dry.

Ruth Duncan Motes
shea butter

I have no words for how wonderful this product is....amazing

Eleanor Mcabee
Product review

I purchased the Shea butter and just love it my elbows are smooth I have tried many products that didn’t work this product WORKS woo hoo

Catherine Griebel
Shea butter

Love this product. I have received it twice as samples. I love using it on my lips at night before bed. I wake up and they are so soft.

Deirdre Piccoli
body beautiful

you can literally use this all over your body, face to toes its amazi ng