Rear End Remedy Salve

This is a wonderfully soothing salve that we have been making for several years and is used regularly in our family.

This salve is an adult salve to be used externally for inflammation, itch, burning and as a preventative for the sensitive rear end.

Hemorrhoids is not the topic that many would want to talk about but in the end, (no pun intended ) , you will experience this atleast once in your life.  This irritation can be caused by many things such as pregnancy, constipation, diarrhea  sports, tight clothing and yes with age.

Use it as a daily preventative as needed or apply "just before you go" as a protective barrier.  With its natural ingredients, you are not limited on the number of applications daily.

We make this salve with several ingredients that we grow on the farm and they include organic chickweed, organic ginger root, organic comfrey, clove and a high quality CBD oil. We individually create all the herbal oils separately and then combine them in the correct ratio with our own raw beeswax.

You can absolutely use it anywhere on the body, except for the face as a healing salve and moisturizer. Some clients have reported relief from joint pain and muscle strain.

Chickweed is anti-inflammatory with cooling and drying effects. It is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial.

Ginger root is used for inflammation and pain.

Clove is used for inflammation, pain relief, antiviral and for its numbing properties.

Comfrey is used for its healing properties and pain relief.

The CBD is anti inflammatory and helps with pain.

The salve has its own unique herbal scent, bright green and soothingly soft.  Wash your hands before applying and you can use a soft cotton round or cotton ball to apply. Be sure that your hands are clean before using the salve and keep the lid on tight for maximum shelf stability. Shelf life is easily 1 year.   Keep out of reach from children and pets please.

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Not just for your tushy!

Not my typical item to respond on, but this stuff is great anywhere you need a little tea protection. Light, slightly fragrant, but mostly healing and protective.

Deanna Walters

Rear End Remedy Salve

For “those” areas

This is a great product for those areas you really don’t want to talk about. Especially when they’re not presenting ad they should. Great for dryness, irritations and itchiness. Goes on clean and everything is back in balance in a 1-2 applications at least. Thanks for making a product that is pure and clean ingredients!

Remedy Salve

Great product leaves a nice fresh and clean feeling! Love that it’s organic and comes from a trustworthy source!

So good!

This is a great product and I absolutely love the natural scent. Sometimes use it on my wrists just for the scent, it's that good.