Rose Hip Seed Undereye Roller

We make our own pure rose hip seed oil in house and it is made by collecting the hips on our property and additionally shipped from a family member in North Carolina,  who grows them on property as well. Both sources are grown organically, hand picked and then air dried.

 Rosehip seed is very high in vitamin C.  It helps to speed up healing, acts as a natural anti-histamine and is highly antioxidant.

Once the rose hips are dried, we then create our own hand crafted oil using traditional folklore methods.  The results are a slightly naturally tinted rose hip oil that is bursting with skin nutrients. Please note, that rose hips do not smell like roses or rose petals but have a delicate scent of their own. The tint of the oil will change from batch to batch, depending on the color of the hips. 

We then add lavender and German chamomile, and bottle it up in a convenient glass roller ball to be used any time you like. It is safe for all ages and you will definitely feel and see results quite quickly.

Uses - Apply twice daily to wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, crows feet, squint lines, smile lines, redness and puffy areas. This blend was made especially for the delicate under eye area.  We encourage those who happen to have flawless or young skin, to start your preventative treatments now!

This will arrive in a 10ml glass roller ball applicator with a screw on top.

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Customer Reviews

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Kerry A
Amazing Rose Hip Undereye Roller

Makes skin feel refreshed, less puffy and also helps diminish fine lines ❤️ LOVE THIS PRODUCT ❤️ Must have for any skin regiment!

Emily Moreland
Under Eye Roller Feels So Good!

Not only does it work on relieving the puffiness under my eyes, it feels so good!!

Under eye roller

I bought this because my eye area is quite sensitive and I always had a reaction with any eye product I bought! I tried it and it’s great! And the best part is my eye area does not get irritated!

Susan Mckay
Under eye roller

This works great for me for under eye puffiness! Also use it on other parts of my face.

Silvia G
Undereye Roller for all over my face

I have started using this roller not only under my eyes, my forehead, around my lips, etc. It feels really light and moisturizes my face very nicely.