Rose Petal and Hip Seed Oil

Naturally contains potent antioxidants and nutrients that softens skin, refines texture and assists with smoothing fine lines without clogging pores.

We hand harvest our own rose petals and rose hips to then create our own hand crafted blend of a luxurious skin oil that can be used for both the face and the body. You can't get any more natural and authentic than this!  It takes us months to create this to then be lovingly individually bottled with a WOW factor!

This is a very concentrated oil with only a few drops needed to moisturize, use as a personal scent or as a facial oil. Roses and hips are very antioxidant with Vitamin C and anti inflammatory properties. This blend gently assists with redness and inflammation of the skin.

Roses offer aromatherapy benefits to help ease anxiety, depression and hormone imbalance.

This lightweight oil can additionally be brought to your massage therapist to be used as a massage oil.   We recommend it to be used at the very end of the treatment and to not be showered off.

Ingredients -  Rose petals, rose hip seed oil blended with hand crafted rose oil and a touch of almond oil.  That's it!  Pure and simple!

The presentation is gorgeous with a clear bottle to allow you to see the actual rose petals inside still infusing! It makes a wonderful gift that most people assume that you purchased from a high end boutique and for top dollar! Our goal is to offer luxurious herbal products for the fraction of the cost, should you compare with store bought and with the purest ingredients. 

Because this product is in a clear bottle, it is very important to store this inside, away from any sunlight, indirect sunlight or heat.  If this oil is exposed to sunlight, it will lose its potency and natural scent.

Arrives in a 1 ounce bottle with a shelf life of 1 year.

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Wilson
Rose Petal oil

Love it, the smell is delicious. I put a little extra on my hands to rub into hands as well as face.

Great face oil for my combination skin

I though it would be oily and make the oily areas too oily but no. It is not greasy or oily. It lets my face moisturized and no breakouts. I love the silky feel on my antique skin.

Shana P
Beautiful and effective!

This oil does wonders for my skin! The scent is so pleasant and the oil is pretty in the bottle too.

Lisa Erin Amos
Oakwood's Rose Petal and Hip Seed Oil—an experience!

I've been using Christine's products for a number of years now. I love them all and this is one of my favorites! I use a small amount in the morning (over moisturizer but before sunscreen and foundation) and a healthier amount at night before bed. It smells AHHmazing! Goes on light. My skin glows!

Emily Buck
Rose oil heaven

This oil is hydrating for my skin and has great reparative properties. I see my skin flow and look bright💕