Rose Petal Face and Body Cream

This is a naturally light fragrant cream that is concentrated and rich with skin vitamins, moisturizing properties and lightly tinted with pure organic hand collected rose petals.

Rose can renew and reawaken your interest in life and can help you maintain emotional stability in times of crisis. 

The roses are carefully selected, air dried and the petals are removed by hand to then be made into an herbal oil infusion and then created into a natural product such as this cream.  You can apply our other rose products, such as the Rose Water and the Rose Face Paste, to create a layer of gentle rose aromatherapy into  your routine.

This cream is made with grapeseed, raw unrefined organic coconut oil, our own beeswax, non synthetic vitamin E, rose petals and our handcrafted rose oil. It is very concentrated yet gentle, so only a dab will do. It can be used anywhere on the body and is safe for children. Apply a dab to the bottom of the baby's feet after a bath or at bedtime. Highly recommend for sensitive and/or mature skin.

Because we do use our own organic rose petals, the color can range from a pale pink to a dark plumb, depending on the color of the roses.

This comes in a 2 ounce jar with screw top lid.

Keep in a cool dry place and will keep for up to a year. If exposed to high heat, you may need to remix and slightly chill in the fridge. Keep in mind that heat could damage the delicate natural rose essential oils in the cream.

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Customer Reviews

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love,love,love it

Betzaida Diaz
Rose Petal face cream

Love this cream. Leave my face soft, and healthy.
My son used it last night (he has a severe eczema), and he likes that his face isn't dry (every morning he is complaining about his dryness) but not today.
Totally recommended

Sensitive Skin

Received a sample of this product with my order. Wonderful smell. Worked well on my face without any reaction.


I've been on the search for new beauty products. But searching no longer! I love your products and my skin agrees!! It's perfectly scented and surprisingly light.
Thank you for sharing your purpose with us all.

Smells wonderful

I use it mostly on my arms, legs and neck/ upper chest area. Smells so good but not overpowering Moisturizing and not greasy.
I wish you make a 4-5 oz jar.