Rose Water Face and Body Mist

Hand crafted rose water made with organic roses, purified water and plant glycerin.

Roses have astringent phytochemical properties and can also be used as aromatherapy to address emotional issues, such as depression. Roses contain high levels of vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

This is a wonderfully light and fragrant skin moisturizer that can be used anytime for the face and body. Roses offer antioxidants that will perk up the skin to make it feel plumped and refreshed.  This Rose water gently tones and soothes your skin.  Good for all skin types and can be additionally used as an aromatherapy mist in the air, car or linens.

 Face mists made from plant materials such as leaves, fruits, and flowers provide soothing relief from the heat or extreme conditions, while hydrating the skin with healthy ingredients. Carry them in your purse or gym bag for a quick way to freshen the face .

Ingredients - Organic  roses, distilled water and plant glycerin.

Can be kept in the fridge, ice cooler or on the counter, according to your preference. 

Safe for young children and elderly.

Use under make up, over make up, in hair, after shower, at the beach, humid nights, mist bath water, bed linens, face, body, feet, clothing drawers, closets and more.

4 oz cobalt or brown plastic bottle with mister  / shelf life one year


Note - we are still experiencing issues with bottles and we are not always able to offer the same type or color bottle but will always guarantee a 4 oz with mister.  3/10/23

Seasonal small batches and hand crafted

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the current situation, plastic bottles and some containers requiring plastic misters are not available or limited.  We are unable to be consistent with the look, color and material of our containers at this time.  The size will be accurate but may arrive in a clear, cobalt or amber glass bottle with mister.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful scent. Very light and refreshing.


Love the balancing effect this rose water has on my body. Cooling, calming and gentle.