Rosewater Foaming Face Wash

The aroma of natural organic roses will immediately improve your mood, ease anxiety and give you the feeling of balance and calm. Roses are not only  beneficial for the mind...but they are also very beneficial for the body. Using Rose products on your skin will also help to balance your pH, sooth and balance the skin tone.

Rose petals are high in antioxidants and are also packed with vitamin A and C, which can help with aging skin.  This foaming face wash will additionally help with the appearance of wrinkles and aid with collagen production.

This is a super hydrating face wash that is gentle for all face types with a rich foaming lather. Apply as little or as much as you like and feel the richness as it cleanses deep down to then lift dirt and oil without stripping your skin. 

Be a little decadent and use it as a body wash!

Made with plant based castile and our in house hand crafted rose water.

Our castile is made with mineral water, coconut oil, hemp seed oil, palm kernel, olive oil, jojoba, vitamin E and citric acid.

 We recommend our Rose Petal and Hip Seed Oil to complete your skin routine. We additionally offer Rose scrubs and Rose Petal Bar Soap. 

8 oz plastic bottle with foam applicator