Sensitive Skin Herbal Face Wash

We have found the need for a truly all natural plant based facial wash for sensitive skin.

This face wash is completely plant based and is considered a "Bastile" cleanser that is made with coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and hemp seed oil. The end product is a clear thin liquid soap that is "not" oily but more of a water consistency. Since we do not add bulking agents or thickeners, this is how real soap is suppose to be like.  We additionally add geranium and carrot seed at the end process.

This gentle face wash can be used twice daily and it additionally assists with toning the skin with many healing benefits.  This gentle face wash works very well for mature skin, blotchy skin and safe for those experiencing rosacea.

We recommend the Calendula Detox Face Serum to moisturize after cleansing and to compliment its healing properties.

This is a concentrated form , so only a little is needed to cleanse the face.

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Customer Reviews

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Silvia G
Really soft skin

I got this as a sample when I purchased something different and immediately after using, I could feel how my face felt. My daughter also started using this facewash because she loved how clean and soft my face felt after using.

Love it!!!

Love all there products that I have bought. Their customer service is amazing. What an amazing company! I Love how they pack there items for shipping. You can tell the time thought and how they take pride in their products. Every time I open the box it makes my day that someone took the time to pack this just for me. All companies should be as amazing as this one. Thank you

Sensitive Herbal Face Wash

Great for my skin which is sent to most face soap. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed and soft. I am repeat buyer

Linda Rex
Great product

This is exactly what I needed for sensitive skin! ONL has done it again! Their knowledge and creativeness never fails to amaze me.

Tanya Wolf

I have been quite impressed with this face wash. I have
rosacea and it flares from time to time and this has really calmed it down.
I definitely will not be without this from now on.