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 Shungite is a combination of amorphous graphite, crystalline silicate and other minerals and is found near Shunga, Russia. It is the only place where you can find this valuable stone. It is sourced from the Zazhoginskoye deposit located in the region of Karelia. Shungite has specific ratings that give you its carbon content.

This stone is considered unique not only for its high carbon composition (some stones ranging from 30 to 99% pure carbon), but also because it consists of nearly all the elements on the periodic table. 

Authentic shungite stones may have traces of silvery pyrite laced throughout the interior that distinguish it from other dark crystals.  Real shungite is identified by its signature metallic shimmer on the exterior surface. 

Due to the high carbon content of real shungite crystals, they are also known to leave powdery black stains on clothes or skin. This too can be an indication of shungite authenticity. 

This stone has been used to purify water, sterilize, detoxify, removes contaminants, is neutralizing, anti inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-oxidant and more. This is a very valuable stone in many ways.

Placing your shungite stone inside your bedroom, work space or wearing it will introduce clarity of mind and filter out negative vibrations. We do not recommend wearing it to bed as it may prevent you from sleeping. It is most noted for removing negativity, cleansing, balancing and alignment as it synchronizes with the atoms in the body.

Shungite is becoming more rare and a high volume of replications are being reported. We purchase our Shungite only from authorized dealers that provide us with a numbered certification and is packaged in the European Union.  Shungite is expensive when its authentic. We are able to utilize our our certifications and purchase this stone at buyers cost. With that said, we are able to offer this stone at a more affordable price.

We are able to offer a limited stock that includes several options of each. We have a substantial pendant on a leather cord, a square bead bracelet and several 8mm bead custom designs.

The pendants come with a leather adjustable cord. The square beaded cannot be resized and measure 7, 1/2 inches. The 8mm bead bracelets measure 7, 1/2 inches and can be custom sized.

Check out our Shungite earrings that are listed in the earring category. 

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Shungite bracelet

Such a pretty stone and it’s my favorite color! Get lots of compliments! I Love wearing this bracelet ☺️