Skin Rescue Spray

The Skin Rescue Spray is a multipurpose skin spray that is made with an aloe vera juice base, witch hazel, lavender, tea tree, peppermint, geranium and plant glycerine.

Aloe and witch hazel are both skin soothing and help to heal irritated and red skin. Lavender assists with redness, itch and stinging. Tea tree has proven anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties that is skin healing. Geranium is known to help reduce inflammation. There is just enough peppermint to help cool down the skin and this is especially useful with sunburns.

All these together create a light weight, refreshing & healing rescue spray that can be used as you like daily.

Uses - sunburn, windburn, allergens, bug bites, eczema bumps, after swim rinse, redness and irritation, as a water-less hand or skin wash, foot spray and for skin hydration. Its a lovely light moisturizer that can be used after bathing. This is also very nice to use after being in the ocean water to dilute the salt on the skin and prevent itching.

Bring this in a cooler to the beach, keep by the pool, use after a shower, leave it on the porch, handy in the car or just keep it nearby for when its needed.

Shelf life is easily 8 months, depending if it is well taken care of. Keep out of direct sunlight, keep the top closed, please don't add water to it or any other additives as that can upset the special blend. 

This product comes in an 8 ounce BPA free quality U.S.A. made bottle with atomizer.

For more information with clinical studies and trials please refer to "Pages" and then click on "References" to review scientific evidence and published findings that support our products.


Note - Due to a nationwide plastic bottle shortage, this product will be arriving in either an 8 oz aluminum spray bottle or 8 oz brown plastic bottle.  

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Customer Reviews

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Toner and moisturizer

I use it throughout the day as a moisturizer for my oily acne prone problem skin especially when its hot out. Great to spritz when its hot and soothes sunburned skin. Works great to 'wash' my sons hands after the park too.

Kimberly Jones
No more bumps or itch!

My 2 year old is extremely sensitive to mosquito and ant bites. This spray is everything and more. First use, it stopped the itch and the welts were gone overnight. Usually her welts take 5-7 days to go away. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Skin Rescue Spray!

Cassie Ware
Great product

Smells good and is refreshing

Abigail Adamson
Sooths skin

For some reason I've been getting randomly itchy the last few months (allergies maybe) and this works great! It's cooling on the skin and works great for bug bites too.i could definitely see using this outside after being in the sun for a while too.

Skin Rescue Spray “GREAT”

My husband has an itching problem and he went yo all kinds of doctors dermatologist, allergists, gastroenterologist and primary care doctor to see why. They could not find a reason. Do he was told to take Zyrtec daily.
He tried the skin rescue spray he has been using it for months and it helps him do much he only takes the Zyrtec once in a while. Great spray it was his rescue.👍👍👍😊😊😊