Personal Inhaler -Sleep-

A personal inhaler to be used just before bedtime that is made with lavender, cedarwood, and valerian.

This inhaler has had excellent feedback with many being able to stop using prescription sleep aids. This inhaler works especially well for those who are physically tired but the brain just won't shut off.

Valerian is one of the key ingredients and is specially blended with lavender and cedarwood essential oils. Valerian has significant therapeutic value with successful clinical trials. Compounds found in this herb interact with brain receptor sites to promote sleep.

Start with a small dose of one inhalation in each nostril. Use one finger over one nostril while you inhale slowly and deeply in the other with the inhaler. Breathe in with the nose and out with the mouth. 

Each person requires more or less and you will need to experiment with what is best for you. Start with a small dose and can be used with up to five inhalations in each nostril. 

On average, you will feel the effect within 15 minutes. It is to help you relax enough to drift off to sleep and to help calm the brain activity. 

Do not take sleeping pills in combination with the inhaler.  Do not use the inhaler during the day, driving or operating machinery. Please keep this specific inhaler tucked away and out of reach of children.

Home care suggestions for sleep -

It is vital to follow a bedtime routine. Every evening at the same time, you need to follow a step by step relaxing routine to prepare for bed. Simple pleasures such as dressing in comfortable clothes, taking time to wash your face with a natural  cleanser, using an aromatherapy diffuser, a low light bedside lamp, no electronics, a heating  pad, a sleep pillow infused with lavender or a linen spray,  a self foot massage with moisturizer and to speak with family members to notify them that a specific time is YOUR time without interruptions before bed.

sleep = wellness 


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