Spotless Skin Serum

This is a special blend of herbs that are dedicated to assisting with blemishes such as age and sunspots.

Ingredients -  hand crafted rose hip  seed oil, geranium, lemon oil, non-synthetic vitamin E, carrot seed, German chamomile, CBD, jojoba and apricot seed. 

 All of the ingredients offer skin lightening properties and especially lemon and chamomile.  This can be used as a spot treatment or it can be applied to the entire face and neck.   This can be used to treat the tops of your hands, chest and arms. 

 This is a concentrate, so only a few drops is needed to be well blended into the skin up to three times daily or as needed. This is an adult blend and not for children.

 Rosehip is used to treat spots, wrinkles, skin tone, pigmentation and is highly antioxidant.

Geranium assists with inflammation.

 German chamomile offers anti-inflammatory properties, helps redness, diminishes spots and evens skin tone. 

 Lemon helps to shrink pores, tones, is antifungal and an anti-septic. 

 Carrot seed is highly antioxidant with vitamin C and vitamin E with antiaging benefits.

 CBD is highly antioxidant with omega-3 and 6, vitamin B, vitamin C,  vitamin E and helps to boost collagen.  This serum contains approximately 1000 mg of sativa.

1 oz glass bottle with dropper included.   

Customer Reviews

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Catherine Griebel
Updating review

Love this serum! I have been using it since October. It feels great on my face and my sun spots do seem to be fading. Also, love that it is all natural!

Mary T
All natural face serum

Wow, this stuff is nice and light. You can feel it your skin feel so smooth.

Catherine Griebel
Giving it a try

I have been using Illuminous Oil of Olay for a year or so. I want to give this natural spot serum a try based on the reviews. I have high hopes for it.

Silvia G
Love, love this

I began using this a month ago, and I can tell a big difference already on how lighter my face has become. I have a lot of sun spots on my cheeks and they have started to fade, plus my skin looks a lot better. I like that this does not feel oily at all and my glasses don't get oily.