Super Natural Fire Starters

Tis the season for bon fires, camp fires and fire pits!

We have created our Super Natural Fire Starters that will give you the best experience when enjoying an out door gathering that includes a fire.

Nothing is worse when you have a gathering and cannot seem to keep that fire going without using toxic fire starters, lighter fluids or wood that has been treated to stay lit. Enjoy a more natural flame with our starters that are made with a recycled clean paper container, pure beeswax, activated charcoal and herbal sage.

Our starters offer a large wick that is easy to start and the sage will offer an aromatic scent that is not only pleasing to our senses but repels insects.

These are VERY potent fire starters and are meant for outdoors only. It will stay lit for quite a long time and will give a strong enough flame to offer a robust camp fire.

Place the fire starter at the base of your fire to then stack the proper pieces of wood over and around it. Allow yourself access to the wick and enough space for oxygen to get to it, to help build the flame. 

As always, use caution when using flammables and fires with keeping pets and children away.  Always build your fires in a secure area and have some sort of extinguisher available for emergencies such as a bucket of water, garden house or sand.

Enjoy a fragrant fire with clean, smokeless ingredients that enhance your fireside experience!

 You will receive a pair of fire starters that will be presented in a clear bag with decorative ribbon. These make excellent host gifts!

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Very effective fire starter, smells great and keeps bugs away. Got as a extra in another package and ordering more now!