Tincture - Allergy Support Blend

This tincture is made with a special blend of Nettle (urtica dioica), Goldenrod (Solidago), Elderflower (Sambucus), and Mullein (Verbascum).  These are the top recommended herbs to support the respiratory and allergies. This blend could assist with bronchitis, asthma, cough and sinusitis.  All 4 herbs are individually extracted and are wild crafted and grown organically  to then be combined for this special blend. 

Nettle is anti-inflammatory, blocks histamine receptors, stops immune cells from releasing chemicals that trigger symptoms. Highly antioxidant and promotes liver health.

Goldenrod is anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, supports urinary function, helps to dry up sinuses and a mild decongestant. 

Elderflower is used for swollen sinuses, natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, supports respiratory, antibacterial and antiviral. This herb has been noted to lower blood sugar levels when taken in high amounts. 

Mullein is used for cough, relaxes muscles in respiratory tract, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, an expectorant, astringent and used to detox the lungs  

For adults, it is recommended to start with 1 full dropper full in a small beverage once a day and can be increased up to 3x per day temporarily during severe pollen count. 

A tincture is an extract that is made from herbs to be ingested as a supplement to utilize that herbs beneficial properties.  It is a quick and easy way to use herbs to assist with healing or as a preventative. Please see our article "What is a tincture" to understand more about them and the recommended dosages.

Tinctures have been proven to work faster, last longer and are stronger than most other forms of herbal supplements.

1 oz glass bottle with dropper included and has a shelf life of 1 yr +

Please take care when using herbal remedies and products. We highly recommend reading our page regarding "Precautions and Contradictions" and additionally, "What is a Tincture?". 
Do not take large amounts of this tincture if you are on low blood pressure medications. 

Contradictions -   Always check your medications for compatibility when supplementing with herbs and alternative healing methods.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Hawkins
It really helps manage my allergy symptoms

It really helps manage my allergy symptoms

Evelyn Duran

My 12yr old son and I have been using the Allergy Tincture for a little over a month. I haven’t had the need to use any OTC for sinuses and allergies. I swear by this product and have recommended to anyone here locally.

Amanda M
Great Allergy Remedy!

I've suffered with seasonal allergies since I was very young. Grass, pollen, ragweed, cotton, mold, and dust all aggravate my sinuses, eyes, and nose. Many over the counter and prescribed medications don't work, but when they do, they have yucky side effects like headaches. I love this allergy tincture because it's a blend from whole plants with medicinal and natural antihistamine properties. I can take it multiple times a day if I'm around high allergy plants, and it quickly soothes my symptoms. I use a dropper every morning to clear up stuffy-ness and it's fantastic! Highly recommend!

Your Tintures are amazing.

The allergy tinture works great. We are sooo great full for your products. It’s been 4 + years that we use your tintures, teas, balms , throat spray ,elderberry and toothpaste and more. Usually when someone in my house feels a little sick, they go over to the Honey Lady’s cabinet and pick out what they need to aid them. Thanks we usually avoid a trip to the doctors because of your products. Also when we message you over a situation your response is always prompt , and usually we get a message full of information that always helps. 😌 Thank you.

Fran Bryan
The tinctures really work!

I bought allergy tinctures for my husband. He was taking anti histamines daily and usually had to take multiple pills to keep on top of his allergies. The pills made him drowsy and weren’t working very well so we tried the tinctures. Since starting the tinctures from Oakwood Natural Living, he has been allergy free. Actually, not only that but he sometimes he won’t take them for weeks at a time and his allergies still don’t rear their head. It took me a while to get this review done because we almost couldn’t believe how well they worked. This truly has been life changing. Thank you Oakwood Natural Living!