Turmeric Carrot Face Mask

This is a skin treatment mask created to help assist with sunspots, to help even out skin tone, to lighten the skin and help to fade some types of age spots.

The Turmeric Carrot Face Mask contains bentonite, kaolin, calcium, mineral water, apple cider vinegar, organic turmeric, carrot seed and frankincense. Made with all pure natural ingredients without preservatives or chemicals.

Turmeric acts as a skin lightening agent, is anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe and even out skin tone. Carrot seed has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve skin tone. Both Turmeric and Carrot seed are rich in carotene and Vitamin A that could help prevent skin conditions and/or help to manage them.

This is a gentle yet powerful all natural treatment mask and can be safely used on sensitive and skin prone to rosacea.  In fact, some have found it to help calm flare ups and with under eye puffiness from accumulated fluid that happens as we age. It is gentle enough to apply just under the eyes to help with dark circles. It is recommended to use the treatment in the evening just before bed.  This allows the herbs to work better as your body rests and recharges.

Keep in mind that repairing sun damaged skin and spots takes time. Results are sometimes immediately the next day or it could take several weeks, depending on the type of damage and how deep it goes. Everyone's skin is different and its always recommended to test first by applying to a small area, to make sure that it is agreeable with you. This should always be practiced when trying something new.

Apply a thin layer to clean dry face and allow it to penetrate. When you feel the tightening and its been 5 - 8 minutes, gently remove the mask with tepid water.  Your delicate skin on the face just received a strong treatment and we do not recommend using very warm or hot water.  When using a treatment mask, allow yourself plenty of time to be able to remove the mask gently, then pat face to dry. ( Never scrub off)  Apply a gentle all natural moisturizer such as our Calendula Detox Face Serum to compliment. For delicate skin, this mask can be used twice a week. It can be used up to 4 times per week for some as long as your skin is happy too.

Turmeric and Carrot are a deep orangey color.....we recommend using our loofah rounds to remove the mask or a dedicated dark colored soft face cloth.  When using the loofah, hydrated it well and gently drag it in one direction to remove the mask. It may take several swipes as you do not want to press hard.   Rinsing it off in the shower with your hands will also work.  Just know that this mask will stain white and light colored bath towels but should wash out in the laundry. It will not stain white bathroom tile or ceramic sinks.

Take good care of your treatment mask and do not add water or allow water to enter the jar. Secure the screw top lid as soon as you have removed the amount that you need. Oxygen will dry out this mask quickly and water that enters the jar could cause mold.  You will reap in the benefits when using fresh plant products but there are some minor steps to keep your products in good shape and understand that they will not last as long as store bought products with chemical preservatives.

This treatment can be used anywhere and can additionally be used on the neck, back of hands and arms to help even skin tone.  You may use the mask on the hands and arms daily if you wish. This mask will not fade port wine skin spots or birthmarks but has been very successful for many age and sunspots.  Acne may also respond very well to the ingredients of this fresh mask as well as black heads. Although this product will not win any awards for its natural scent, it is just an all around excellent skin food for most  complexions and especially for aging skin.

Helpful tips - Use our loofah rounds to re-hydrate the mask by pressing a soaked loofah with water against the face by pressing and tapping. Once the mask is re-hydrated, then gently feather/drag the loofah without pressing, to gradually remove the mask. Never allow the mask to set over 10 minutes.

This mask will be received in a 2 oz volume jar ( 3 oz solid wt ) with screw top lid. It is fresh made with a shelf life of 60 days from when you receive it.  It could last longer with constant inspection before using and up to 3 months. Refrigeration is not required if used as directed but it would extend the shelf life to its full 3 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Marilyn Matthews
Turmeric Carrot Face Mask

I absolutely love this product. After ONLY my first use, I noticed my face looked brighter and had a glow. Highly recommend it!!

Great for Acne

I love this product! It helps with acne, inflammation on my face and rosacea. Definitely recommend!

Linda Rex
Turmeric Carrot Face Mask

First time trying this product and It did not disappoint. I enjoy all the benefits of nature and Oakwood Natural living always delivers.


I purchased this for myself and my BFFF's. We have always been sun goddesses and we have the spots to prove it. Lol! I love how it feels on my skin and gives me a healthy glow.

Maria Garcia
Love it

I have been using the turmeric carrot face mask for a month. I am very happy with the results. My face looks brighter. definitely recommend it.