Tincture - Turmeric

Turmeric tincture is made with pure organic turmeric root infused with fresh ground peppercorn for maximum absorbency.

Studies have shown that using turmeric tincture is the most effective way to use this root, when compared to tea, capsules or culinary.

Turmeric is difficult for the human body to absorb without the additional ingredient of peppercorn.

Turmeric can be taken daily to assist with circulation, anticancer properties, anti-inflammatory, fights inflammation , protects heart, anti-oxidant and more. 

Contradictions – Turmeric tincture is not to be taken if pregnant, taking diabetic medications, chemotherapy drugs, aspirin, Plavix or any anticoagulants. Please speak with your heath care professional in regards to Turmeric and any prescription drugs that you may be taking. Stop ALL herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery.

MONITOR your blood pressure numbers daily should you decide to use this herb in combination with blood pressure Rx. This herb could lower BP.

Turmeric assists with arthritis, joint and circulation issues and offers anti tumor properties.

1 ounce dropper bottle with an indefinite shelf life to be kept at room temperature.

Use one full dropper full in a beverage daily for maintenance. Can be taken up to four times daily depending on how it reacts with your digestion. Curative high doses are for short term only.

Please take care when using herbal remedies and products. We highly recommend reading our page regarding "Precautions and Contradictions" and additionally, "What is a Tincture?". High dosages could cause stomach upset.

We recommend other circulatory tinctures such as ginger root and cinnamon to complement each other.  They can be taken safely together.


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Customer Reviews

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Catherine Griebel
Turmeric tincture

Creating a tea with Turmeric tincture, Ginger tincture and Cinnamon tincture in a Hibiscus tea and feeling better throughout the day.

Reduces My inflammation

I use the Tumeric tincture in my 1st bottle of water. It definitely has help with the inflammation caused by my arthritis!!

Abigail Adamson
Liver issues

I got this with the milk thistle tincture to take when my lover function started to decline and it worked great!

Michelle Mathis
This tumeric a miracle! (:

The tumeric tincture really takes my headache/migraines away. I use 1-2 drops in some loose sencha green tea, along with a drop of the cinnamon tincture. Both tinctures are added after the tea has been bagged, and the tumeric & cinammon tinctures act as preventatives and have anti-inflamatory properties when used in tea. Tumeric tincture is a must have! Go for the cinnamon too.

Christina Anastasia
Daily Pain Reief

I get body aches and migraines directly relation to my inflammation levels. On top of my routine stretching and hydration, taking this daily in the morning has truly helped lower my pain levels and frequent migraines. I definitely feel the difference when I run out!