Under Eye Shimmer Stick

The Under Eye Shimmer Stick is a handy little all natural product to keep in your make up bag that offers a quick fix for dull skin and to be used for highlighting key areas.

Made with skin lightening lemon, moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil, plant glycerine, natural beeswax and a fine natural mica mineral.

Apply under the eyes to help hide dark circles and help give the eye area a lift!

It can be applied anywhere on the face, body or in the hair, and is safe for all skin types. This also can be used by young teens. 

The Under Eye Shimmer Stick can be used for "strobing" which is when you enhance key areas with a luminizer to emphasize the high points of the face.

Apply above the brow, under the brow line, point crease of eye, top of nose, upper cheek bone,  a dab at top of upper lip and point of chin.   Its best to choose a few key areas that you would like to enhance  for a glowy natural look. 

Separate a small strand of hair and use the shimmer to coat it lightly to then braid or twist the strand into an updo, pony tail or braid.  It washes right out easily and is completely safe for all hair types and colored hair.

Apply a bit on the shoulders when wearing a sleeveless top or a dab at the cleavage when wearing a low cut top. It offers skin brightening benefits and will gently lighten skin over time, when used daily. It really can make the back of your hands look younger and brighter.

When wearing sandals or strapless high heels, apply shimmer on the top most of your foot to draw attention to that stellar fresh pedicure. 

Your shimmer is mostly water proof and stays in place when using poolside and will easily be removed with warm water and basic soap.

Under Eye Shimmer stick offers many uses and not just for under the eyes. It can be applied without make up or in addition, over make up.

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