White Chocolate Solid Lotion Bar

Our decadent and delicious White Chocolate Solid Lotion Bar is good enough to eat but we prefer you to feed your skin instead!

Made with super simple and superior ingredients that include raw unrefined organic cocoa butter, virgin white raw beeswax and organic jojoba.

This bar is made with 90% cocoa butter with just enough beeswax and jojoba to allow a smooth glide when applying.

Cocoa butter on its own is a powerhouse choc full of antioxidants, anti-aging, helps with scars and stretch marks, anti inflammatory, skin healing and more! You can use a bit in your hands to tame fly away hair or give dry ends a boost!

Easy to use by warming  the bar between your hands for a few seconds, working it into your palms (and moisturizing your hands as you go), allowing it to melt just slightly so it’s easier to work with.  Lotion bars are zero waste and easy to use on the go without spilling! 

You may also rub the bar directly onto your skin, working it into those tough, dry and cracked areas on the arms, legs, knees, elbows and feet. 

The bar will leave behind a thin layer of moisturizing oils that will sink deep into the skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

Only 3 ingredients with only the natural scent from the rich cocoa! This bar comes with a screw top metal tin to keep your bar fresh and portable. Zero waste, no added water, convenient and safe for all skin types both young and old.  This bar can additionally be used on the face and on the most sensitive areas.

We are huge with promoting  multipurpose products! Uses for this particular bar can be for infant care, hair care, beard care, skin care, pet care,  face care and more!

 This lotion bar is a full 2+ oz with a shelf life of easily 1 year. Keep in a cool dark place and do not leave near heat or in the sunlight.   Keep away from pets and small children as we prefer that they are not temped to eat it due to its sweet chocolatey scent. 


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Customer Reviews

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Love the White Chocolate Solid Lotion Bar

This is an awesome product! We love the White Chocolate Solid Lotion Bar! Looking forward to more amazing products! Thank you!

Linda Rex
Smells heavenly

This lotion bar is amazing for both for smell and leaving you skin soft. Do yourself and make sure you try this one.

Kathie S
My new diet tool!

I keep this bar on my nightstand and use it several times a week as a moisturizer before bed. The bonus? It smells just like a decadent chocolate bar, so my desire for something sweet is satiated! Although it has an extended shelf life, there’s no way it will sit on MY shelf for a year!
PS…it is a fabulous moisturizer and all around healing for my skin.


First time to try a lotion bar! Ordered because it is so cute and sounded like it would smell so good…and it does!! Love the way it melts and smooths on, feels wonderful!

Love this

I had ordered a similar bar from an online company for 2x+ this price and contacted Christine to see what she thought of the product. She immediately set out to make something similar with better quality ingredients and I am impressed. It smells great! The melt is perfect. Does not leave my skin oily. I have not tried it on my face but I plan to. It is a solid lotion but not a hard bar. It melts just enough to easily slide on your skin. I am happy to have a local source!