Wild Crafting Blackberry Leaf

December 19, 2018

Wild Crafting Blackberry Leaf - Oakwood Natural Living

Blackberries grow wild here in Florida and if you happen to come across some that are in a safe area (away from the highways and drainage), then grab yourself a paper bag, a pair of gloves and scissors or snips!

Blackberry leaves are full of flavonoids, vitamins, and antioxidants.  In addition, it aids in the relief of skin rashes, diarrhea, sore throats and more.

Young blackberry leaves have high levels of antioxidants, an oxygen radical absorbance capacity, according to a study conducted by the USDA - Agricultural Research Service and published in the “Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry” in February, 2000.

The USDA study found that the leaves of blackberry and raspberry, the portion of the plant used in tea, were higher in antioxidant compounds than the berries of either fruit.

Blackberry leaves should be picked in the early morning and just before they are ready to bloom. Pick the newest youngest leaves at the top and ends of the bush. They can be used fresh for tea or can be dried.  Remove the leaves from the stems and dry the leaves in a single layer on a paper plate or in a shallow basket.  In a few days, when the leaves are completely dry and crumble easy, collect them and store in a jar with a tight fitting lid.  Keep the leaves whole until ready to use.

To make a tea, use two teaspoons of crumbled dried leaves per one cup of water. Steep the herb in just boiling water for 8 minutes, covered.  Strain and enjoy.

Make a double dose to treat diarrhea, drinking a cupful every hour as needed.

Blackberry leaf tea is beneficial for general health, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, gingivitis, sore throats, colds and fever. 

Use fresh blackberry leaf tea as a therapeutic gargle.

Make a double dose brew and pour it into your bathwater, do a foot soak or use it as a final hair rinse.

Add a small handful of bruised fresh leaf to spring water and infuse over night for an antioxidant herbal water.

Use 8 tablespoons of dried leaf to make a gallon of iced herbal tea.

Due to the large amount of tannins , do not drink large amounts of blackberry tea if you suffer from any type of liver disease without talking to your medical practitioner first. 

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