Wood & Tile Floor Cleaner

December 23, 2018

Wood & Tile Floor Cleaner

Here on the farm we have ceramic tile throughout our home, and I use this non-toxic solution to keep our floors fresh and clean.

Use this to clean and condition your wood and tile floors:

1 cup of white distilled vinegar

1 gallon of hot water

1-2 Tbs of lemon essential oil (optional)

1-2 Tbs of tea tree, clove or pine needle essential oil (optional)

1 Tbs of Castile soap, like Dr Bronner's

Mix all the ingredients together and clean floor with mop.  The lemon oil will cut grease and condition.  Tea tree oil will disinfect with its antibacterial properties.

Depending on wood, a clean water mop may need to be used to eliminate any risk of slipperiness from the castile soap.

This mopping mix will additionally help to deter insects such as roaches, ants and fleas.