DIY Natural Glass Cleaner

December 15, 2018

DIY Natural Glass Cleaner - Oakwood Natural Living

This is a simple fool-proof glass cleaner that will help make your home (and health) cleaner. 

Just think of all of the chemical cleaners that you use... thousands of chemical blends that interact and create even more chemical reactions.  Avoid creating a toxic home and start creating a wellness home.

Purchase a spray bottle and fill it with white distilled vinegar 5% (check the label).

It may take a few times to eventually remove the previous chemical sprays that you have been using on the glass but it will eventually disappear. White vinegar cleans glass and is streak free. Its excellent for greasy fingerprints!

You can add 10 drops of lemon essential oil to a 15 oz spray bottle for extra grease fighting properties.  The scent of vinegar will dissipate and your house will start to smell... well... clean! 

I use this spray on tile, laminate, grout, stainless steel faucets, sinks and other surfaces.  Do NOT use on granite or marble, as vinegar is acidic.

Shine up your copper pans with this spray by simply spraying and wiping it.  Rinse with warm water when finished.

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