All Purpose Household Cleaner

We offer an excellent all natural cleaner, made with organic ingredients, for the household that offers many uses.

We are big believers in offering products that have many uses in order to keep the clutter of bottles to a minimum, less waste and save a bit of money.  No need for multiple products for multiple surfaces and uses. This is our kitchen, bathroom, counters, household, stain remover, pet stain treatment, fly killer, bug repeller,  hand washing, produce washer and smell good all in one!

It is completely plant based with organic castile that contains several cleaning plant oils, distilled water, pure cane alcohol and the appropriate essential oils.

The cleaner is completely food grade and can be used to wash produce, your skin and even as a pretreat for soaking dishes.

Safe to use on most surfaces - quartz, granite, tile, grout, porcelain, glass, stainless steel, vinyl, walls, sealed woods, many painted woods, clothing, leather, carpet, rugs, outdoor furniture and more.   ALWAYS test spot first, just incase.  

We do not recommend to use this on exotic surfaces, silks, suede, sunglasses or antique woods.

This is a no rinse formula but we do recommend to rinse it off your produce.  The cleaner is safe for pet bedding but you will need to launder and rinse out as usual.

You may spray directly on the surface to then wipe clean and air dry. It is an excellent floor cleaner to use with the quick mops without rinsing required.

Each formula is made with disinfecting in mind and offers anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.  The cleaners naturally repel bugs and naturally scent your home as you use it.  It is a real powerhouse and will take care of your cleaning needs without the worry of chemicals and residue.

This cleaner will kill a house fly upon contact and has been used on hornet nests successfully.  The peppermint cleaner in particular repels ants and silverfish in the kitchen.  All the cleaners repel spiders and roaches when used regularly as a cleaner. It can be used among dishes and utensils without leaving a dangerous residue behind.

Safe to use to wash dogs paws when applied to a terry cloth to then wipe the feet when re-entering the house.  Do not apply directly to any animals but it is most certainly safe to use around animals when used responsibly. An excellent product to clean pet water and food bowls to then rinse well once clean.

We realize that cleaners can be purchased at the store at a lesser price but if you can replace 1 to 2 other products with just this 1, then the value is there. Even some of the cleaners that claim "plant based" and "natural" will indeed have undesirable ingredients. Please always read your labels on the back of your store bought purchases and not just the front label.

We have many clients that have used this cleaner for over 9 years and it is most definitely our "go to" in our own home and has been put through the test with the most toughest jobs with excellent results.

We are additionally offering a "refill" for the Peppermint Cleaner.  The bottles still cost the same, so the price must remain the same but it is half the weight for shipping or maybe you rather use your own spray bottle.  Add the refill to a 28 oz spray bottle and then top off with water.  Please do NOT try to remix this with other ingredients as it will change its cleaning properties and may even stain surfaces.

 Cleaners arrive in a 32 oz refillable spray bottle.

For more information with clinical studies and trials please refer to "Pages" and then click on "References" to review scientific evidence and published findings that support our products.



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Customer Reviews

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Deirdre Piccoli
Super happy

Love everything about this product, cleans without the worry of chemicals and smells incredible

Great Cleaner

I both one and used it a few times and I went back and bought 2 more different scents. All are not over powering and I breathe easily no chemicals. Great products.

Emily Moreland
Household Cleaner & more

I have been using the Peppermint household cleaner since Christine started making it. Not only is it a dynamite cleaner, it keeps spiders and other creepy crawlers out of the house. I spray around my doors and windows, it smells great and keeps the bugs away and cleans so much!!

Barbara Johnson
Household Cleaner

Love ❤️ ❤️ the product. Great as an all purpose cleaner and love the smell.

Rachel Randolph
Love it!

I love the cleaner! I'm gonna need more soon. :)