Menthol Shower Spray

One of the best experiences when taking a shower is being able to enjoy some aromatherapy to help lift the mood and get the day going!

Here in Florida, many people suffer from severe allergies and with that, brings on the sinus issues and headaches. One of the best home remedies for allergies is to stand in a hot steamy shower to allow the warm vapors to relax the sinuses and release congestion. Even better, is having a Menthol Shower Spray on hand to maximize this experience and get quick relief from the pain and pressure. 

Our shower spray comes in a a large 16 oz bottle that offers a special sprayer.  The sprayer has a on/off lock and gives you a very fine mist.  You will mist your shower walls above the shower water spray line and then turn on the hot water to allow the hot steam to rise and join with the  beneficial menthols.

Inhaling the hydrating menthol hot steam will lift your energy, open up the sinuses, help release congestion and relax the tension.  When first using this spray, only use a few pumps, to check and see what works best for you. Some only need a light coating on the shower walls with some people preferring a heavy amount and this depends on your tolerance and needs.  Please take care of not getting the shower spray in your eyes and not inhaling the mist directly through the mouth and nose. It is best to apply to the shower walls and it will not leave an oily residue nor stain.

Keep the bottle in the shower at all times, so to have it handy and not forget about it after you have gotten in the shower. No clean up or rinsing out the shower afterwards. In fact, this spray offers antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties and will assist with keeping your shower cleaner.

The Menthol Shower Spray is made with the purest ingredients with a distilled water base, a pure white cane alcohol and premium essential oils such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus, peppermint, camphor and rosemary.

We prefer the shower spray over shower tablets because you will get more bang for your buck, it is stronger, the men will use it, no grit on the floor and you can adjust the strength as needed.

Shake bottle rigorously with each use. Shelf life for maximum results is 6 months.  Please do not use around pets or young children under the age of 5 years old. 

Note - due to bottle shortages, bottles will vary in shape but will always be 16 ounce total with spray nozzle. 
Taking your shower experience to a higher level!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Emily Moreland
Spa in your shower

This spray is so great. I spray the shower walls down and turn on the shower. When I get in and clears your sinuses and is very relaxing!

stacy hoge

the spray didnt really work well. The menthol was ok but didnt do anything for me

Angie Daniels
It smelled like Christmas!

I loved getting my package, it smelled like Christmas with the pine room spray! Besides what I ordered, I just kept getting little surprise gifts in the mix. The Vanilla mint body lotion is addictive and the clove honey is beyond yummy! I managed to complete my Christmas shopping with other things I can't mention. Love everything I get here, never disappointed.

Linda Rex
Great product!

Thanks for another great product. This spray helps sinuses clear out working with the steam in the shower. Especially good this time of the year.

Catherine Griebel
Menthol Shower Spray is Fabulous!

Feels great getting into the shower and smelling the menthol. Great for sinus relief and just relaxing.