Beeswax Boot Balm

This is an all natural Beeswax Boot Balm that we use here on our farm. Conditions in Florida wreak havoc on our leather boots, shoes, belts and horse saddles. Warm weather mixed with wet dirty boots will severely dry out the leather and then we have the humidity that creates rapid molding that eats away at the leather.  The shrinking and expanding of the leather from wet to dry, just really wears out the leather.

We use our own beeswax to create our Beeswax Boot Balm with organic olive oil, tea tree, vitamin E, propolis and honey. Its a solid balm that only requires one step to apply and offers multiple benefits for both you and your boots.

Beeswax Boot Balm Benefits - anti bacterial, anti fungal, restores, conditions, protects, hypoallergenic, nourishing and repels water.

The raw beeswax is collected by hand from our own honey bee apiary on site. The wax will fill in fine lines and cracks to help prevent any further damage to the boots. The boot balm allows your leather to breath and is completely non toxic with food grade ingredients.  Other boot products contain petroleum and synthetics that can damage your leather and its stitching over time. 

Application -  Use a brush to remove any build up of sand or dirt. Then use a soft cloth to remove any fine grain sand or dust. You want to start with a smooth leather and not rub in any dirt as this can cause further scratches on the leather. Once boots are prepped, just simply use a clean dry terry cloth to massage small amounts of the Beeswax Boot Balm, in small circular motions.  Apply a single even layer over the entire boot. If you have severely damaged boots, wait a few minutes or an hour,  to let the leather drink in the first application and then start on the second layer after that.  If you really beat up your boots, then apply our Beeswax Boot Balm about once a month or sooner if needed.

This balm will darken dried out or light colored leather.

Beeswax Boot Balm can be used on most any leather but for any items that are light in color, please test a small inconspicuous area first, to make sure that you like the results.

Comes in a large round 4 ounce tin and the shelf life is 1 yr +. Keep away from sunlight as the heat will melt this product.  If it melts from leaving it out, bring it indoors to cool off and resolidify. It can still be used!

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Haley DeRosa
boot balm

I have used this on my boots, and saddles! It is awesome. It restores, and protects the leather.