Monster Magic Spray

Our Monster Magic Spray is the ultimate deterrent for all things that creep in the night!

Created by a practicing herbalist, it has magical herbal powers and additionally contains  powerful protection minerals that are constantly infusing inside the spray bottle.

Shungite water based and carefully blended with lavender, frankincense, bergamot, vanilla, lime and cedarwood.

Shungite is used to remove stress, anxiety, negative energy and is a protection stone. When placed in water, its valuable benefits are extracted into the water and allowed to then be misted into the air.

Shake the bottle to activate the magic blend and to then mist the pillow, foot of bed, under the bed, closet and around any windows in the bedroom. It is best to apply the spray 15 to 30 minutes prior to bedtime.

The Monster Magic Spray will frighten and repel monsters of ALL sizes, trolls, the boogeyman, bad ghosts, zombies, goblins and especially invisible creepers.  There is no such creature that is able to glide past this protective potion!

Will not harm good fairies, sprites, unicorns or fairy godmothers.

This is a very clean smelling spray that additionally calms the mind and soothes the senses of young children.  It is appropriately blended for ages 2 years and over and you can rest easy with knowing that it is completely all natural without added fragrances. Only one protective application is needed and we recommend to not over use the spray or drench the areas with to much product.  Only a light mist is needed to do the job.

Promotes calming thoughts and restful sleep for the entire household.

Be sure to shake the bottle well for even application and to activate the special shungite minerals in the herbal blend.  It is important to keep this bottle out of reach from small children and to keep the screw top on tight and never remove the mineral rocks from the spray bottle as they could be a children's choking hazard.

This is an 8 ounce bottle with a fine mister and cap.


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No monsters in sight!

I read the label to my daughter (6) and she uses it before nap and bed time. I actually have to limit the amount she sprays in her room. Holy cow does it smell good!