Beeswax Wood Conditioner

All natural raw beeswax wood conditioner is to be used for all your culinary wood utensils and vessels. 

Made with our own natural raw beeswax, organic olive oil, natural vitamin E, orange oil and a tiny bit of raw honey. 

Apply with a clean cloth or your fingers in a circular motion to condition and restore dried out wood.  Apply a thin layer to maintain or apply thicker and lay out your utensils on a cloth to penetrate overnight. This is a very pure and high grade product and can be used on exotic woods, soft woods, antique and other kinds.

Always hand wash with a plant based soap and immediately hand dry your wooden culinary items. Never put your woods in the dishwasher or use harsh chemicals that can be absorbed into the wood.

This conditioner will slightly darken your woods back to its original color.  Not recommended on painted or clear coated woods. Preserves, maintains, and renews all of your unsealed wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, salad bowls, utensils, cabinetry, toys, and furniture. Completely non toxic!

Take care and enjoy your heirloom and specialty wooden culinary items for many years to come. 

Arrives in a 4 ounce volume tin with lid with a weight of 6 oz solid.  This product goes a long ways and has a long shelf life of over a year. It is food grade and very safe to apply to hands as skin conditioner. 

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