Citronella Fly Spray

This is an all natural non toxic Citronella Fly Spray to be used outdoors and on porches.

Please read the complete description for precautions and care.

This water based spray is made with citronella, lemongrass, hand crafted neem, mint castile and grain alcohol.

Use this product to kill house flies on contact, mosquitoes and gnats.  It helps to repel most flying insects, roaches, spiders and other pests. 

A fabulous product when outdoors on the porches, around pools, picnic areas in the summer time (or all the time in Florida!) and is very useful when camping or at parks.  Adjust the sprayer as needed to either spray in the air or mist furniture,  picnic tables and other premises. 

It is safe to spray directly on porch  screen and rugs.  We use this spray for entry mats and rugs to help repel fleas and ants from coming in.  In the evening, when we have plans to be outdoors, we will pretreat a barrier in the areas that we want to use and then keep it handy to reapply if needed.

This can be applied to socks and pant legs of jeans to additionally repel crawling and jumping insects from the ground.  It can be applied to ball caps to help repel insects from falling from above like ticks and chiggers.  Reapply after a few hours to keep it strong, if your out in the woods for extended times.

You can use this spray indoors but it is very important to understand that this is a very strong spray. Use just a small amount to test and you may need to open windows and turn on the ceiling fans if you have over done it.  Not for use indoors with sensitive people and cats.

This is a premise and surface spray and not to be used on skin or on animals. This is a pure natural ingredient spray but it is not recommended to be in close contact with cats and small animals.  Do not use on pet bedding.  When using citronella oil, make sure the space you’re in is well-ventilated. Consider children and pets who might be inhaling the aromatherapy.

We are giving strong warnings for this natural product and it is safer than chemical sprays.  

This is a premade mix that comes in a full size 32 fluid oz bottle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Deborah Outlaw
Citronella Fly Spray

Great product! Like really great! Kills them quick! When I know I am having company or the doors are going to be open and shut often, I spray the door and less to none come inside =) Smells nice too.

Valerie Martin
Works great!

This definitely works great for bugs but has the added bonus of keeping the neighborhood stray cat out of our planters and away from the front door!!


Works really good at keeping the bugs away. I spray it on the grass before my son plays outside or on the patio when I'm gardening. Smells good too.

Heather Verreault
Works great

After one use on my patio, I already see a huge difference. I sprayed on the screen, mats and chair cushions. I went from fly infestation to almost none!


Just got this and sprayed around my back door and the flies don't go near it (flies have been a problem) and bonus is it smells sooooooo good!!!!