Dry Hair Shampoo Powder

Dry Hair Shampoo is an herbal powder blend that is easy to use and can give you wonderful clean smelling hair in just a few minutes!

It is a blend of natural baking soda, organic corn starch, organic arrow root, mineral rich bentonite and all infused with real lavender. Completely chemical free and it really works! Simple ingredients with the power of organic herbs that can really made a difference in your day!

We combine all the ingredients and let them infuse over a few weeks to then be bottled up in a cute little powder shaker. When your ready, simple part your hair in a few areas and "lightly" sprinkle the powder on your scalp. Start just above your ear for the first part and then make several more, sprinkling as you go, until you reach the other ear.   You want to treat the roots and not the top of your hair. Then, use your fingers to massage your scalp and then a hair brush to brush out your locks to get a wonderful clean feeling and healthy textured hair.  Inspect your hair, you can add a little bit more if you missed a spot. If you accidentally used to much, don't panic, just keep brushing or do a mock towel dry. Only use this on dry hair and never wet or damp hair.

Dry hair shampoo is convenient, gives your hair a break from heat dryers  and over washing, it gives volume and removes oil. If you happen to color your hair, using a dry hair shampoo will allow your coloring to last longer.

This product has multiple uses!  (yay!)  It can be used as a body powder, a feminine powder,  for chafing, in your socks, in stinky shoes, in the bed sheets, on the rugs or sprinkled in bath water.  Our powders make excellent treatments for under the arms and to help keep you dry in areas that need it. Safe to use anywhere on the body.

We also offer Anti Bacterial Dry Hair Shampoo Powder, Baby Powder and Canine Powder.

4 oz volume container

Shelf life 1 year 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Stuff

I really love this as an all purpose product. Definitely for dry shampoo, great on the body, and wonderful in work shoes. Super refreshing.

Alicia Barber

Works great on unwashed hair and brushed out nice. Use it mostly as a body powder on hot days or before bed. Feels nice on the sheets too!

Cheryl Branch
Love, love this product

Best dry shampoo I have used and it smells wonderful!! Always get hair compliments when I use it.

Love this product

I love any product that has multiple uses and is all natural. In the FL summer heat it is great for under the arms as it is absorbent. Also great for those in between washes! The lavender is light and not overwhelming!

Best Dry Shampoo ever!

I have never been a fan of dry shampoos. They always made my hair feel gross and heavy. This is stuff is the best! It smells fantastic and helps keep my oily hair at bay in between washes.