Lemongrass Room and Body Spray

Ready for a clean uplifting scent that will boost your mood?

This single blend of lemongrass is very beneficial for anxiety and depression. It offers a clean lemony scent and lasts a long time.

Lemongrass is naturally anti bacterial and anti-fungal and can be used  for linens, bathroom, dorm rooms, facial cloth masks, in your car or a few gentle mists in the air just to help with bringing you back to a happy place.  Its lovely to mist the shower walls just before getting in!

Keep a bottle in your vehicle for a less stressful driving experience or to keep interior smelling fresh. 

Linens such as curtains, rugs, duvets and fabric couches can be given a light mist to revive. Do not use this concentrated blend up close to light colored fabrics or delicate fabrics such as silks as it "might" discolor.

Ingredients - All natural lemongrass, distilled water base, aloe vera juice, plant glycerine and 1% cane alcohol.

4 oz atomizer mist bottle

We also offer lavender, nag champa, eucalyptus/rosemary, autumn spice and winter pine blend.

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Customer Reviews

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Smells like sunshine!

Its bright and is a good room spray especially bathroom. I spritz my hair or hat if going hiking. It smells good and keeps some bugs away. Its nice on face masks too!