Meditation Kit - Anxiety & Cleanse

Our Meditation Kit is an excellent starter kit for those looking to find relief from anxiety and for cleansing both the mind and body.

We would like to go into a bit of detail about each item and we hope that you will find it educational and enlightening. You will receive everything that you need nestled in its own box for safe keeping and storage. 

When you open your box,  you will find -  A full sized box of 10 pure Palo Santo incense sticks,  a 4 inch Sage bundle, a pure beeswax tea light, a 2 1/2 inch Selenite heart stone, a 1 inch blue Calcite heart stone, a 4 inch wide abalone shell dish, 3 pc meditation fossils, 4 inch wild turkey feather,  10 ml "Peace & Serenity" roller ball and a 1 oz "Meditation Area Spray" concentrate.

Find a peaceful area either inside our outside to then utilize your Meditation Kit. We recommend using a soft cotton blanket or yoga mat to then spread your items around you. Meditation is really "a time for me", to allow you to clear your mind, relax and focus on your personal wellness.

Light your preferred incense and let it rest in the abalone shell. Find a comfortable position to then display or handle the healing stones included in your kit. Utilize the Meditation Area Spray or the aromatherapy roller ball to help you clear the negative energy and open your mind. Some find that closing your eyes to just handle the textured and smooth stones helps to rein in the anxiety. Use them as soothing stones, feel the shape, coolness and textures to help you focus on you. Concentrate on slow breathing techniques.

Selenite offers calming properties and makes it ideal for meditation and spiritual work.

Blue Calcite is especially useful for calming and soothing the mind. This stone is a high vibrational stone, just like the Selenite. It is used to bring balance, harmony and absorbs negative energies. These two stones offer a perfect synergy for this particular meditation kit.

We have included 3 small fossil & mineral stones that we collect ourselves from a nearby ancient river in Florida. You will receive 2 small Hag Stones and 1 Fossil Stone that ages back to prehistoric times. Fossils are the preserved remains of plants and animals whose bodies were buried in sediments, such as sand and mud, under ancient seas, lakes and rivers. Fossils also include any preserved trace of life that is typically more than 10,000 years old.

Hag Stones are a type of stone that has a natural occurring hole and are considered sacred, spiritual and protective. The action of the sea and its moving water causes erosion that creates these unique stones. These stones are formed from agatized coral, limestone and mineral stones.  You can hang them up, wear around the neck  or keep them tucked in your kit.

Our Peace & Serenity Roller ball is made with fractionated organic coconut oil, palo santo and lavender. The glass bottle offers blue calcite chips with the blend to infuse and enhance the properties. Lavender and palo santo are the ultimate blend for relaxation and anxiety.

The Meditation Area Spray is our own custom blend of frankincense, myrrh, lavender, cedar wood, lemon zest extract and authentic amber resin. This is a very rich concentrate and you will only need one pump of the fine mist for a room. Due to its strength, we do not recommend this spray on the skin or on light fabrics. You will sense deep notes of woods, resins and with a light citrus note. Shake well with each use.

Precautions - Please take great care when burning herbs/candles and never leave unattended. Stones can be choking hazards, please keep all healing stones away from children and pets. Meditation oils are extremely strong and will require safe handling away from children and pets. Please do not leave this kit unattended and to be stored in original box, out of reach. Don't Stress! Commonsense with your new kit will be extremely rewarding for everyone.

The Palo Santo in this kit is 100% authentic, sustainably sourced and of the highest quality. The incense sticks are 20cm, hand rolled and are 10 sticks per box.

Drop down box - Please notice that we have options with clicking on the drop down box  with this category. This allows you to purchase some  items separately or as a complete kit.  Here we offer the Meditation Spray, roller balls and additional smaller meditation kits.

Meditation Starter Kit- This is an option and can be viewed when using the drop down box option. This kit includes a natural abalone shell for smudging, a sage smudging wand, a single pure palo santo incense stick, our balance & protection roller ball, a stunning selenite charging stone with a scattering of eucalyptus leaves that are all in a drawstring pouch for easy storage.

We also offer sage wands, beeswax candles, hag stones and selenite stones individually in another category.

You will find that taking 15 - 20 minutes per day for self care with meditation can absolutely make a difference!

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Moreland

I needed to cleanse the house and the area I have set up for my quiet room. This was the perfect kit to purchase.


I love the blend of Calming oils :)

meditation spray

freaking Devine
Don't ever stop making it ♥️♥️
Love all my crystals from Oakwood too, they really do work

It really is Divine

This is the most amazing original fragrance! Dare I say addictive. My youngest daughter got the whole kit and I noticed I could smell her from another room and finally asked what IS THAT!? Now her sister and I both have a spray and roller ball. I smile big ever time I smell it. 😀