Lavender Room and Body Spray

Relax with our all natural Lavender Room and Body Spray!

This is a simple blend of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) that is soothing, normalizing and balancing. 

Lavender offers several benefits such as relaxation, calming and helps with stress and sleep.  Use this spray for linens, spray your pajamas, bed pillow or a few gentle mists in the air just before lights out.

When using it as a body spray, it helps to prevent redness, itch, blemishes and rashes.  Lavender on the skin is soothing and you will enjoy the light scent.

Keep a bottle in your vehicle for a less stressful driving experience or to keep interior smelling fresh.  A little mist inside the car just before picking up the kids from school will help them calm after being in the classroom all day.

Linens such as curtains, rugs, duvets and fabric couches can be given a light mist to revive. Do not use this concentrated blend up close to light colored fabrics or delicate fabrics such as silks as it "might" discolor.

Mist the shower tile walls just before stepping in to turn on the water and enjoy a wonderful aromatherapy experience.

Ingredients - All natural lavender, distilled water base, aloe vera juice, plant glycerine and 1% grain alcohol.

4 oz atomizer mist plastic or glass bottle/ Blue/Brown/

We also offer lemongrass, nag champa, eucalyptus/rosemary, autumn spice and winter pine blend.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Relaxing and soothing

Besides needing a bottle in the bedroom, I take this with me to travel, helps make any hotel room a soothing, calming sanctuary.

Mary T
Fresh scent of lavender

Awe. So fresh and calming spray.

Awesome scent

It's the perfect amount of lavender, not to light and not drowning. Even my husband loves this spray.

Smells so good

Love this spray. I use it all the time

Handy Spray

This room & body spray is wonderful, no guilty feelings of spraying chemicals around the house, car, me & my granddaughters!! Smells Wonderful!!