Selenite Crystal Collection

Selenite Crystal is a soft stone that is made by hydrated calcium sulfate.

This crystal is the higher crown of the Chakra, represents the moon and its Zodiac sign is the Taurus. This stone is to be used by anyone seeking balance and protection.

The name selenite derives from the Greek moon goddess, Selene and means "moonlike" glow. Selenite induces clarity of the mind, peace, awareness, protection and brings about conscious understanding and connection to your spirit.

Selenite is traditionally used to create a protective grid around the house or a large space in the house to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.  Pieces of selenite are placed on the windowsills, near the bedside and areas with toxic vibes to soothe and stabilize. This crystal is used to help repel EMF ( electromagnetic field ) from WiFi routers, cell phones and other devices.

Palm stones are traditionally used for anxiety and stress while holding them in your palm. Gently nestle this smooth polished stone in your palm and lightly wrap your fingers around it. You will feel its coolness and weight while is draws out negativity and toxins from both the mind and body. You will instantly feel the calm and relaxation from this powerful crystal. Use its full potential for taking time outs and for mediation.  Using this as a palm stone while in motion will help you with focus and staying on track.

While this is a crystal stone, it is softer than most. Great care is required when placing it down on a hard surface and to never drop it.  Either place it in the most needed area or keep it in a soft satchel if your using it on the go and need to store it in your purse or in a compartment.  Think about it being more of a crystal than a natural stone.

Your Selenite palm stone is precharged and cleansed before you receive it. It has been cleansed in house, by our Tibetan Singing Bell, comes from a positive source and has been charged by the sunlight.  This is a ritual that is usually required for most healing stones.  Selenite is THE cleansing stone for other healing stones and is actually the only self cleansing stone but we encourage a good clean slate no matter. We recommend to cleanse it regularly if you have exposed it to a tough job by placing it outside in the moonlight overnight and especially take full advantage of a full moon. It also can be cleansed in full sunlight by placing it outdoors on a bright sunny day for no more than 30 minutes. You may also clean it by smudging with sage and purposely circle your stone with the cleansing sage wand.   NEVER  submerge your stone in water, never soak or wash it in a full stream of water but you may wipe it with a damp cloth or use a soft polishing cloth.  Try not to allow dew, condensation or any water to collect on this particular stone because it could damage the sheen or even partially dissolve the stone. 

Authentic Selenite will scratch easily, have fractures and some imperfections. If by chance you chip it, it can still be used as a household cleansing stone. 

This can be  a very complicated stone that involves many rituals and specific handling for the most serious healing stone collectors but you may keep it simple with safe handling, a little sunshine and a light soft cloth polishing to enjoy this most precious crystal.

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We also offer a gorgeous Selenite Healing Stone Bracelet separately. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carved heart

The carved heart was just as described and beautiful! I got the small and its the perfect size to hold.

Valerie Martin
Palm Stone

I love this palm stone! It's so shiny and smooth and I love having it in my hands!

Deirdre Piccoli
Crystal lovers

I was immediately drawn to these beautiful oval shaped stones on your website, so I bought two, one for me and one for my daughter,
I’ve placed on my vanity in my bedroom so first thing in the morning and the last thing at night it reminds me to clear any negative thoughts so to make a path for clarity.
It’s a beautiful stone ,& I love holding it in my hand When I meditate.


I love my Selenite Palm Stone.
The coloring, touch, size is just perfect. Looks gorgeous with my collections.