Soap Nuts Natural Laundry

Soap nuts are a natural berry that have useful outer shells that contain a natural cleaning agent called saponin that produces an effect comparable to soap.

This is an excellent all natural plant based substitue to chemically made laundry detergergent that does a remarkable job at removing dirt.

Use about 6 whole nuts per load of laundry and it can handle a  large load of towels or dirty denim jeans.  These are safe for he (High Efficiency) machines both top and front load.  Add the berries inside the cotton draw string bag. Tie the bag securely and toss it in with the clothing. 

When you have finished doing a load of laundry, hang the damp bag nearby to dry out to then be reused again. The soap nuts will be just as powerful for the next few loads or until the nuts are well worn down.  On average, we have been able to use these four times for a full load of laundry. 

Compost or throw out the well used nuts and refill the cotton drawstring bag with a fresh batch of 6 soap nuts.

You will receive a bag that can do at least 20 loads of laundry and a reusable cotton drawstring pouch. IF by chance the pouch is damaged, use a thin sock tied in a knot instead or any fabric that can secure the soap nuts inside.  

Safe for all materials including silks and fine fabrics.  It does the best cleaning in warm to hot water but will also clean dedicates in cold water.

Soap berries can be used for hand washing, camping trips and travel. They do not have a scent, no residue and safe for our environment. 

Use white distilled vinegar as a laundry softener by adding it straight to the dispenser.
Use plain baking soda as a laundry booster by adding it directly in the washer before adding clothes or if you have a dispenser specific for powder.   

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I love these! Great for the environment and our clothes feel awesome!